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Rising Up with the firebird agency

The Brand Phoenix is a creative marketing communications solutions firm founded by accomplished media veteran, Janice Torres. We build impactful campaigns, rooted through the influence of multicultural communities, branded event experiences, and public relations strategies, that resonate with today’s ever-evolving consumer landscape. 

We are global citizens that are immersed in today’s film, television, entertainment, sports, music, lifestyle, parenting, and fashion communities.


Excite | IGNITE

  We listen to our clients first, and listen often, making us an invaluable agency partner. We aim to disrupt the status quo by challenging our clients – to think boldly while empowering them with critical cultural insights that are rooted in experience, data, authenticity, and the support of our robust network.

Our creative embers will fan the flames of your vision to ignite lasting media interest, and influencer support, resulting in consumer trial. 



We help brands GAIN ACCESS, and ACCEPTANCE with target audiences. We ground each campaign by inhaling the essence of the consumer's uniqueness and exhaling old ideologies that won’t serve the marketing mission.


We have deep time-honored bonds with a vast network of cultural authorities, influencers, celebrities, and media professionals in alignment with empowering and entertaining multicultural communities, and U.S. millennials. 

Our mission is to illuminate diverse talents and amplify voices representative of today's America. 


Talent Producing


We are on a mission to place more authentic voices in places that meet the masses. We believe that without the heart and soul of the right talent, events, and content are just flesh. 

Event Promotions


We don't just plan the party, we bring it. 


We promote special events for private enterprises, individuals, Blue Chip brands, top media outlets, film festivals and non-profits.



We are experts at managing on-site media,  securing event VIP talent, panelists, moderators, endorsers,  musical performances and steering project plans. 

Culture | Culture | Culture


Forever flavored

Over the past two decades we created space for multicultural interests in the general market arena, and helped top brands and media platforms gain access into the hearts of U.S. Hispanic and multicultural consumers.


URBAN | Latinx | African-American | LGBTQ

Through our work media brands like HBO, DAZN, Cinemax, Telemundo, and Music Choice grew their audience, and brands such as P&G, Jack Daniel's, Hennessy, Lexus, and Verizon gained access to pour their flavor into the distilleries of LATINX and Urban spaces.


The Hispanic population is projected to increase by 115% by 2060, which will make up 29% of the U.S. population, according to a report by the U.S. Census Bureau. 

The U.S. Census projects that the non-Hispanic white population in America will constitute only 44% of the total population by 2060.



Remix | Rebrand | Reboot | REBIRTH | REIMAGINE

Whether you represent a legacy giant, industry disruptor, or start-up enterprise on the rise, The Brand Phoenix will tailor a bespoke program to help your brand soar. For more information contact janice@thebrandphoenix.com




HBO has worked with Janice Torres on over a dozen special projects, and as our strategic multicultural agency partner, The Brand Phoenix has been instrumental in the successful trajectory of the HBO Latino brand.”

- Jessica Vargas, Director, Multicultural Marketing, HBO


 In September 2018, the global sports streaming service DAZN successfully launched in the U.S. with the influence of Janice Torres’ cultural insights. 

Most notably, she introduced the programming team to boxing personalities, Ak & Barak, whose show is now the main feature of the network’s original programming. She also recruited several top combat sports experts to shape the product’s editorial direction, tone of voice and DAZN Group’s overall public perception. 

As Multicultural Publicity Manager she piloted successful media events, including DAZN's launch announcement, which was attended by 200 top industry leaders, media guests and influencers. She also facilitated its live streaming, which was viewed by thousands worldwide. 

While on board, Torres consistently secured media coverage in top-tier outlets, from the New York Times to Men’s Health and Telemundo, plus ignited support from key MMA and boxing press.

Torres was also tapped by the marketing and product teams to present Hispanic cultural insights and communicate DAZN’s tone of voice to its Charlotte-based customer service teams.


  In 2017 and 2018 The Brand Phoenix steered publicity and branding strategy for SHINE, the indie Latin dance drama starring David Zayas (Dexter), helping it score a national theatrical release deal. Prior to the film ever releasing a trailer to consumers the firm garnered press coverage with Entertainment Tonight, Latina, Remezcla, New York Daily News, EFE, American Latino Television, Telemundo, Univision and a bevy of multicultural outlets. Cast collaborations with HBO, Jack Daniel’s, Teen Vogue, and World of Dance were also manifested by the firm.